BeFC digitises Healthcare while extending access, reducing costs, improving safety, and protecting the planet.

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The healthcare industry is facing changes:

Patient results displayed on a ICU

Connected healthcare is on the rise

The world is developing at an incredible pace, and Healthcare moving more and more digital and connected. BeFC offers a bio-compatible and compostable energy solution together with the electronics to allow remote patient monitoring, anytime, anywhere. BeFC cells are safe when incinerated

$296.55B USD
by 2028
Worker in a lab performing tests

Lack of sustainable process & products

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest industry contributors to carbon footprint, it pollutes +12% more CO2e than the automotive sector. BeFC allows cold chain monitoring sustainably as well as hospital waste monitoring and many more.

8.5% of US greenhouse gas emissions

BeFC offers solutions in many categories including:

Glucose monitoring (CGM)

Diabetes stats USA
  • Total: 37.3 million people have diabetes (11.3% of the US population)
  • Diagnosed: 28.7 million people, including 28.5 million adults
  • Undiagnosed: 8.5 million people (23.0% of adults are undiagnosed)
  • Total: 96 million people aged 18 years or older have prediabetes (38.0% of the adult US population)
  • 65 years or older: 26.4 million people aged 65 years or older (48.8%) have prediabetes
Glucose monitors on a table



Monitoring the temperature of athletes is essential to prevent heatrelated medical issues as well as to achieve better performances.


Kids' temperature can reveal much about their health. Discreet and lightweight options become more adoptable and affordable


Hormonal changes affect the temperature of a women's body. It is key to to monitor to plan pregnancy or learn about one's body.

Hand holding a thermometer

Rapid diagnostics test (RDT)

Diagnostics tools are often used once and then discarded.

Pregnancy/Ovulation tests
  • USD 1.74B by 2027
  • 7.92 million women in the U.S. used home pregnancy tests in 2020 2 button cells enable digital pregnancy tests
  • Knowing the number of weeks is very important
Viral tests
  • Digital tests allow both the patient and the medical staff to collect history and know the more details on a result.
  • 10B Covid-19 testing products by 2027
Lab worker holding plastic single-use equipment