App developer

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Techniparc Grand Île 39190, Villard-Bonnot

Job purpose

We are looking for a candidate to join the team at BeFC to work as an app developer.

Source and nature of management provided

Staff management responsibility

There is no expectation for the post holder to perform staff managerial duties.

Career and professional development activities

BeFC encourage and support the personal and professional development of our staff. Individual development needs will be identified through a regular review process.

Special conditions

From time to time, the post holder may be asked to assist with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities. This will form part of a substantive role and no additional payment for these activities should be expected.

Main duties and responsibilities

The ideal candidate will have previous experience and strong interest in developing novel apps to acquire, process and send data from hardware platforms

1. Ensure compliance with relevant regulatory standards and certifications

2. Review and measure the performance of the apps

3. Document design and test specifications

4. Develop apps to meet design requirements

5. Optimise app performance with target embedded firmware

6. Develop low-level firmware including communication protocols (e.g. NFC, BLE)

7. Collaborate closely with hardware and firmware engineers

8. Provide suggestions for hardware platform memory organisation, encoding, etc.

9. Design application previews (e.g. Figma)

10. Implement MVVM architecture to achieve optimal performance

11. Implement security protocols to protect data in apps

12. Employ best practices for optimisation considering memory constraints

13. Stay up-to-date with trends, emerging technologies, and best practices


Essential Qualifications/ Experience/ Attributes

Graduate with a relevant background

Experience with native Android app development

Experience with UI/UX design

Knowledge in API development

Familiarity with communication protocols (e.g. NFC, BLE)

Ability to understand electronic component datasheets


Take pride in the quality of their work

Organised and rigorous

Ability to work efficiently, both in a team and autonomously


Creative problem-solver

Understanding of English language, both written and oral

Desirable Qualifications/ Experience/ Attributes

Graduate from a degree in electronic engineering or computer science

Experience with native iOS app development

Experience in MVVM architecture

Experience with Kotlin Coroutines and multithreading

Experience with Firebase Database, Storage and Crashlytics