Apprentice Content Creator

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French / English
Techniparc Grand Île 39190, Villard-Bonnot France

Job purpose

We are looking for dynamic candidate to join the team at BeFC to create content to be shared across BeFC digital platforms to engage and attract a target audience. Content may be in the form of images, videos, audio, text, infographics, or a combination of these elements.

Source and nature of management provided

Staff management responsibility

There is no expectation for the post holder to perform staff managerial duties.

Career and professional development activities

BeFC encourage and support the personal and professional development of our staff. Individual development needs will be identified through a regular review process.

Special conditions

From time to time, the post holder may be asked to assist with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities. This will form part of a substantive role and no additional payment for these activities should be expected.

Main duties and responsibilities

The ideal candidate will have strong interest in content creation, with the ambition to help deliver class-leading content via various media channels.

1) Brainstorming and generating creative ideas for new content that align with the target audience and brand objectives.

2) Creating high-quality and engaging content using various media formats.

3) Producing and editing videos and photos.

4) Designing graphics.

5) Use of appropriate software for content creation including adobe suite, MS suite, Canva, etc.

6) Ensuring that the content aligns with the brand's tone, style, and values to maintain a consistent image.

7) Analysis of content using social media metrics.

8) Monitoring and reporting the performance of content, using audience metrics.

9) Respect of confidentiality and colleagues’ consent.

10) Fact checking and validation of content and third-party content.

11) Recording podcasts.


Essential Qualifications/ Experience/ Attributes

Graduate or in the process of graduating from a degree(Bachelor’s degree or equivalent) in a relevant field such as communication or marketing

Familiar with adobe suite to create content

Familiar with MS suite to create content

Ability to perform data analysis, interpretation, and reporting

Ability to improve and optimise


Take pride in the quality of their work

Always willing to help teammates

Organised and rigorous


Desirable Qualifications/ Experience/ Attributes

Previous experience in content creation

Demonstrated ability to multi-task whilst adhering to deadlines

Knowledge of GDPR standards

Understanding of English language, both written and oral