R&D Engineer Assistant

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Techniparc Grand Île, Rue de Docteur Marmonnier, 38190, Villard-Bonnot & 570 rue de la Chimie, 38610, Gières

Job purpose

We are looking for a apprentice student to join the BeFC team as support for the Innovation team.

BeFC produces paper bio-fuel cells that use enzymes to convert sugars and oxygen from the air into electricity.

Our company offers an ecological and sustainable energy solution for low-power electronics.

Applications include wearable medical devices, connected packaging and IoT solutions.

The apprentice student will be part of the Innovation team. The student will also interact with the entire BeFC team.

This apprenticeship position will be based on the investigation of electrochemical interfaces of bio-electrodes regarding biofuel cell & biosensor applications.

Potential candidate will be studying with enzyme-based biosurfaces, surface functionalization and electrochemistry.

Source and nature of management provided

Staff management responsibility

The apprentice student will be supervised and managed by the Scientific Program Manager.

Career and professional development activities

Special conditions

Although the apprenticeship is based at the main BeFC Innovation team laboratories, the apprenticeship will potentially involve working at other BeFC facilities.

Transport and handling of heavy loads may be required, and suitable aids will be provided as appropriate

Main duties and responsibilities

The apprentice will have a pronounced scientific rigor and a strong desire to develop skills related to the biointerfaces, electrochemistry and enzyme immobilization.

1) Development of enzyme-based bioelectrodes

2) Optimization of enzyme immobilization on commercial and/or in-house electrodes

3) Studying electrochemical enzyme activity and defining characteristics of immobilized enzyme activity

4) Comparability of free and immobilized enzyme activity with spectrophotometric assays

5) Writing technical reports and present technical results to the team

6) Compliance with company rules and protocols


Essential Qualifications/ Experience/ Attributes

Master or Engineer in bio/chemical engineering / other departments related to the apprenticeship subject

Experience with enzyme immobilization

Practical and/or theoretical experience with electrochemical methods

Reading/Writing/Listening skills in English


Analytical mindset

Collaborative spirit

Organization, ability to work efficiently

Curiosity and motivation

Desirable Qualifications/ Experience/ Attributes

Surface functionalization