Smartphone App Developer

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BeFC SAS Techniparc Grand Île, Rue de Docteur Marmonnier 38190 Villard-Bonnot

Job purpose

Develop smartphone applications for a range of BeFC products.

Source and nature of management provided

The candidate will be supervised by the Electronics Manager, and will work closely with the staff of various projects.

Staff management responsibility


Career and professional development activities

BeFC encourages and supports the personal and professional development of its teams. Individual development needs will be identified through a regular review process.

Special conditions

Although based in BeFC’s major R&D facilities, the position can sometimes involve working at any other BeFC facility, at a supplier, customer or partner. It is sometimes necessary to lift and handle heavy equipment, lifting aids will be provided where necessary. Contact with chemicals may be part of the work and personal protective equipment will be provided.  

From time to time, the candidate may be asked to participate in ongoing professional development (CPD) activities. These activities are an integral part of the position and do not result in additional compensation.

Main duties and responsibilities

The candidate will have to use a high degree of technical expertise, provide technical support for ongoing projects as well as assist in the design of in-house prototypes, notably:

Android and iOSmobile application design

Communication of the application with an NFC-enabled tag

Reception of Bluetooth communication packets

UX-UX data screen design

Illustration creation and storyboarding for the application

Test and debugging of the application


Essential Qualifications/Experience/Attributes

Development of iOS and Android applications
Illustrating and storyboarding

Ability to work in a team and with partners as required
Analytical mindset
Organized, able to work effectively and prioritize own workload
Translates complex and innovative ideas into clear, logical and technically accurate documents/presentations

Desirable Qualifications/Experience/Attributes

Diploma equivalent BAC+2

Experience with NFC protocol
Experience with Bluetooth protocol
Experience in UX
Mastery of the Adobe suite
Concept of block cryptography
Using GitHub
Sending data by email

Be independent and motivated
Use of the English language, both written and oral