At the HLF Annual Summit, BeFC wins First Prize of the Startup Show and Contest in the Innovation Ecosystem Category

February 2023
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BeFC invited to the HLF Annual Summit and ends up winning the Start-Up Show & Contest in the Innovation Ecosystem Category!

We are proud to announce that BeFC won a very prestigious award delivered by a world-wide recognised institution, the Start-Up Show & Contest powered by the HLF Annual Summit. BeFC was invited to the symposium and our CEO, Dr. Jules Hammond represented our company at the event. He pitched our advanced green and eco-designed energy solution to the judges at the Startup Show & Contest side-event. and won first prize in the Innovation Ecosystems category! We are pleased to announce that biofuel paper-cells and their digital platform, a sensing solution, has won the first prize in the Innovation Ecosystems category!

An invitation like no other... BeFC at the HLF Annual Summit!

First and foremost, we were thrilled to receive the HLF invitation, along with the good news that BeFC was one of the final 10 finalists who would have the opportunity to attend this highly selective summit. This alone was a golden opportunity to meet the High Level Nexus and its different delegations, a top-class network of innovation ecosystems. The HLF nexus assembles to discuss policies and strategies of innovation management, and its role in social, economic and environmental challenges. The HLF’s delegations bring together international executives, key players, policy and decision-makers from: public authorities, higher education, research, industry and business. This year, the theme is linked to the UN’s 17 SDGs and the summit will reflect upon how local & regional innovation ecosystems support the 2030 global objectives.  

The HLF Summit is an invitation-only annual meeting that gathers the members of its network - an International Network of innovation Ecosystems. This year, the theme was linked to the UN’s 17 SDGs and the summit reflected upon how local & regional innovation ecosystems support the 2030 global objectives. En bénéficiant de cette invitation privilégiée, le Dr. Jules Hammond a été introduit aux délégations haut niveau, gagnant ainsi un accès à un niveau de visibilité international pour accélérer notre intégration à la communauté globale d'innovation. He explained how our startup responds to several of the 2030 Agenda's SDGs at once, with a multidimensional approach to integrating the different goals at several levels - product, process, production, people and of course also through interactions with our stakeholders, partners and ecosystems. In this way, BeFC responds to the SDGs, particularly those related to energy, in a direct way, while acting on several fronts.

D-Day: BeFC wins the first prize of the HLF’s StartUp Show & Contest, in the Innovation Ecosystem Category

On the event day, our eco-friendly miniature battery was evaluated by the HLF Steering Committee. The judges were impressed with its ability to limit the environmental impact of businesses by inviting them to choose an environmentally friendly, safe solution that provides electricity from organic materials! In this way, industries can say goodbye to conventional solutions whose waste - lithium, toxic products... are unfortunately still dumped in nature or incinerated. Companies can choose an alternative that is environmentally friendly and also much less expensive: some of our customers report huge gains by waiving all costs associated with the collection and treatment of polluting waste, in accordance with international laws, regulations and standards on the subject. BeFC has received support and monitoring from specialized partners to help us test and prove the recyclability of our biofuel cell, and we have also effectively demonstrated that the digital platform does not interfere with product recycling. Dr. Jules Hammond talked about some of the possible applications of our eco-designed solution: we are currently working with joint agreement (JDA) with our customers, as it is easy to integrate the eco-battery to create a planet-friendly product together. He explained how we offer solutions for a wide range of industries, from medical, to digitalized agriculture or the logistics sector...especially the 4.0 industries employing IoTs.

These industries also benefit from the sensing solution associated with our paper cells: the BeFCs are accompanied by a digital platform able to detect a lot of useful information: pH, temperature, blood pressure or other vital signs... this information helps for example the logistics industry to improve its transparency, identify bottlenecks, facilitates tracking and tracing and thus helps them to be more efficient and to improve their productivity and revenues. Or, the medical industry uses BeFCs to replace traditional batteries in the design of medical and care tools, thus participating in the protection of the planet, the reduction of waste and the fight against climate change, while obtaining essential information to improve the monitoring of patients, of the correct taking of their medication. The luxury sector also often contacts us to improve their packaging, tracking their products and transforming the brands by positioning them as leaders in sustainability and ecology. The HLF, centered around innovation, invites startups to propose new solutions for today's global challenges, and encourages technological prowess to build bridges to a better future.  

At the end of the deliberations, we received the excellent news: the hard work of our co-founders and teams was rewarded by this high-level nexus with the first prize of their annual startup contest & show! The BeFCs won the award in the category Innovation Ecosystem, for all the advantages it offers and the disruptive character of this technology. Our co-founders dared to imagine it, had the courage and patience to make it happen, and today this dream is a reality!

Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

Together, power the future with nature. ®

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