BeFC is a Finalist of the Loyola Chicago Health Equity Quest, by the University of Chicago and MATTER

February 2023
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BeFC is a Finalist of the Loyola Chicago Health Equity Quest!

BeFC is a finalist in the renowned Loyola Chicago Health Equity Quest! In this competition, where the topic deftly blends the advanced technology tools of sustainable healthcare with the need to mitigate the impact of climate change, the BeFC solution was recognised for its innovative and ecofriendly nature, as well as its high relevance for the healthcare industries.

The sustainable battery and its eco-designed sensor platform are well suited for the medical industries. The BeFC allows to significantly reduce the environmental impact at different levels, and moreover, the active sensor platform detects very useful parameters for patient monitoring – such as ph, temperature, blood pressure, vital signs...

A world class competition co-organised by Loyola University Chicago and MATTER

This competition was spawned by the U.S. healthcare system's need to develop more sustainable products and processes to provide necessary assistance to people impacted by climate change. The prestigious Loyola University Chicago collaborated with MATTER, an international health startup incubator that mobilizes a community of innovators, throughout the competition.

This alliance of academia and innovation has often proven to be a recipe for miracles, and it is astounding to see so many resources implemented in the service of health equity: above all, the actions of the key players, stakeholders and startups are geared to give everyone the fair opportunity for good health. MATTER has succeeded in boosting the operations and efficiency of several startups oriented towards the medical sector, and thanks to their strengthening actions, as well as the exceptional network of this incubator, the young companies alumnis of this support system often become global success stories.

Loyola University Chicago is guided by the motto of preparing people to live extraordinary lives, and prepares its students for the fields of medicine, nursing, and medical sciences. The collaboration of the two institutions is inspiring in its ability to blend traditional academia with innovation on the one hand, and on the other, by a vision that are perfectly aligned with the sustainable development goals linked to equity and inclusion for all.

BeFC: between sustainable health devices and addressing the health effects of climate change

BeFC was awarded as a finalist in this competition, whose title indicates the importance given to equity. Our Business Developper, Sofia Malferrari attended the event and pitched the biofuel cell to the judges. She explained how BeFC simultaneously responds to the different themes of the Loyola Health Challenge Equity Quest, by its nature and by its products.

The miniature paper-based batteries are capable of replacing conventional lithium batteries and other toxic and polluting waste, which are currently dumped in nature or incinerated. First, by choosing to integrate a BeFC into the design of their products, companies can reduce their environmental impact, thereby meeting legal regulations and not only lower but eliminate toxic and hazardous materials. This advances the fight against climate change and reduces the damage done to the planet by pollution. Our eco-friendly miniature battery was designed by a research team whose primary goal was to provide a sustainable alternative to improve the way we behave and affect our natural environment.

Secondly, the eco-designed digital platform that accompanies the biofuel battery is a sensing solution featuring super-sensitive captors with high utility for the medical and healthcare fields. In this way, BeFC allows doctors and health professionals to retrieve information on their patients' vital signs, to ensure their good health and especially that they take their treatments at the right time. BeFC can also greatly improve certain everyday health products, by digitising blood tests for example, such as pregnancy tests.

Interested to watch our Business Developper Sofia Malferarri in action? Follow the link to watch the video and see her explain how BeFC makes electricity from paper and enzymes!

Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

Together, power the future with nature. ®

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