BeFC is speaking at the CENSIS Tech Summit Panel, represented by our Cofounder and Product/Communication Manager, Dr. Marie Berthuel

January 2023
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BeFC is speaking at the CENSIS Tech Summit

BeFC is speaking at the CENSIS Tech Summit panel, represented by our Cofounder & Product and Communication Manager Dr. Marie Berthuel

With its potential to create sustainable energy from biodegradable materials for a wide range of industries, BeFC was spotted and selected to participate in the annual CENSIS Tech Summit 2022. On September 29, BeFC was invited to talk about its organic miniature battery’s actions in the realm of the Internet of Things (IoTs) in particular. Marie Berthuel, our co-founder & Product and communication Manager, was one of the top-class speakers of the main discussion panel. Jules Hammond, our CEO and Co-founder also attended the event to explain how BeFC is delivering an ecologic optimised solution for IoTs.

CENSIS: An innovation center for Sensing Imaging IoT

This yearly Tech Summit is organised by CENSIS. CENSIS is an innovation center and a leader in the exploitation of sensing, imaging and the IoT technologies. As the number of connected devices keeps rising at exponential rates, nearly every kind of business we can think of can highly benefit and improve its operations by harnessing the power of connected objects. Technologies help track and analyse data that can then be used to generate information and take informed decisions in real time. CENSIS works with private businesses of all scales and public sector organisations to implement these enabling technologies and facilitate progress. The center also plays an important role in collaborative R&D projects as well as industrial PhDs. CENSIS is located within the University of Glasgow in the UK, and it acts as an intermediary to translate and disseminate research between university and industry.

CENSIS Tech Summit

In the end of September, International speakers and business representatives flew to Scotland to participate in the much-awaited CENSIS Tech Summit. The CENSIS Center is a center for innovation, and like any venture that brings us closer to the future, the institution aims to show people what is possible. The Tech Summit is a time to inspire, teach and connect. The event brings together people and technologies, to discover how the integration of data provided by IoTs, sensing solutions and imaging is able to provide businesses with the best operating conditions. Everybody’s rushing to learn how the latest applied science can improve industrial effectiveness, skyrocket competitivity and profitability, develop enhanced solutions and reduce costs.

CENSIS Tech Summit is a day where different academic and industry booths exhibit to the eager public how their solutions are changing the game, so that people can get a real sense of what technological advances can facilitate. It's a day where speakers from all over the world and thought leaders, talk about their successes, the challenges they faced and the creative solutions developed to pave the way for new entrants. It's a day to understand why and how leading-edge businesses are delivering sensing, imaging and IoT solutions to optimise different industries. And finally, it's a day to connect with others, to meet those who are making things happen in the business world, those who dedicate their time and energy to advance the current state of knowledge through academic research, and the key decision makers who are here to find ways to make better digitally informed choices.

CENSIS2023: BeFC’s organic miniature battery and IoTs

The Internet of Things – IoT, is a disruptive evolution that is completely changing how businesses and industry’s function. IoT creates 4.0 businesses. It connects computers, equipment, manufacturing, people…together, and collects data to allow for accurate monitoring and forecasting. IoT creates new business models, improves processes, identifies bottlenecks, reduces inventory costs and risks of accidents. This connection of each component of the ecosystem allows to make smarter and more informed decisions. Basically, IoTs create futuristic factories where information flows smoothly and data circulates all along the pipeline in real time, and in a clean transparent way.    

Our Product/Communication Manager, Dr. Marie Berthuel spoke at the CENSIS’ panel

During the inspiring discussion panel, our Senior Scientist Dr Marie Berthuel explained what BeFC’s organic biofuel cells can do for the IoTs. BeFC, which stands for Bioenzymatic Fuel cells, succeeded in producing a biofuel cell of less than 1 square centimeter. For reference, the average biofuel cell is around 15 centimeters. The BeFC is characterised by its flexibility, and offers a solution to multiple products. The biofuel cell is highly adaptable, can power objects via Wifi or Bluetooth, and can improve IoTs in various industries, with many applications in logistics and healthcare/medical markets. BeFC’s miniature battery is particular: it is immensely reducing the ecological impacts along with the economic costs of these industries. Indeed, the BeFC biofuel cell creates energy from paper and enzymes: completely organic biodegradable materials!

Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

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