BeFC was selected amongst the TOP 10 Renewable Energy Trends & Innovation by StarUS Insights.

February 2023
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BeFC was selected amongst the TOP 10 Renewable Energy Trends & Innovation by StarUS Insights!

We are proud to announce that biofuel batteries are on the radar of several important organizations. StartUS Insights has listed BeFC in their famous Top 10 Renewable Energy Trends & Innovation 2022!

BeFC's biofuel cells selected by StartUS Insights: THE innovation and startup provider for big companies

StartUS Insights is an analytics company specializing in innovation, with many clients from the corporate world, as well as the universes of R&D and product development. These screening experts have some of the biggest names on their client roster, including Samsung, Nestlé and Mania, who use StartUS to find the best innovations.

StartUS scouts thousands of startups to select the best inventions, the disruptive technologies with high potential, and delivers them to companies. It was therefore a great pride for our team to be selected in the annual Top 10 Renewable Energy Trends & Innovation report. BeFC offers a sustainable energy solution that allows industries to join and align with the energy transition movement. Our cutting-edge technology is based on decades of research, and BeFC is now able to offer customers an extremely thin and flexible miniature battery, and most importantly: one that creates electricity from paper and enzymes! This eliminates the need to use conventional lithium batteries that release toxic waste into the environment and end up in landfills or incinerated.

How businesses can switch to Clean Energy

The BeFC helps fight climate change, and allows companies to the same. Businesses that choose it end up reducing their costs - especially the liabilities related to waste collection and treatment; and are able to offer to their own end-customers an eco-designed product that respects our planet throughout their supply chain.

The StartUS report selected approximately 5152 energy startups, based on an even larger number of companies surveyed, and BeFC is in the Top 10! This interesting report also mentions that the use of new technologies such as big data, AI, internet of energy are emerging sectors that add to the renewable energy innovations. One of the points highlighted by the authors of the ranking brings a lot of value to companies wishing to switch to clean energy: although solar, wind and hydro power are options have indeed been available for a long time, the latest trends like BeFC allow for greater competitive advantages.

BeFC: a sustainable and flexible solution to reduce companies' environmental impact

BeFC can definitely testify to this statement, insofar as since the beginning of our commercial activities, we have created joint agreement contracts with our customers attracted by the degree of adaptability of our miniature paper-battery. Indeed, the high level of customization possible with the battery - so light, and whose size is less than half a finger! - has interested several customers who wanted to co-construct their product with our green technology.

BeFC plans to market its own products in the future, however, our technology is adaptable to many products from many industries with only a few technical adaptations. If your company is interested in becoming a leader in sustainability, you can contact our business managers who will be happy to answer your questions and explain how our technicians can propose a prototype for your solution.

Click here to know more about the biofuel cells and active digital tag platform's ranking inn the Top 10 Renewable Energy Trends & Innnovations of StartUS

Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

Together, power the future with nature. ®

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