BeFC wins Best environmental & Social Impact in GITEX Dubai's Supernova Challenge

January 2023
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SUPERNOVA CHALLENGE: BEFC, Best environmental & Social Impact at Gitex

BeFC’s paper biofuel cells wins Best environmental & Social Impact in GITEX Dubai

GITEX Global is the World’s largest Enterprise and Government Technology Event. It is the only tech event where tomorrow’s national digital projects unveil, featuring more than 230 Government entities. Gitex is nothing less than a massively renowned world market of private-public partnerships, a gathering of extraordinary scale. It is also the largest and most inclusive tech show in the digital economy. Gitex hand-picks and unites the world’s most advanced global tech pioneers in fields like AI, Fintch, Cloud Computing, Crypto, 6G, Startup Innovations, Quantum computing, Cybersecurity and even the Metaverse.  

“Gitex represents our national aspirations for the economy of the future. It also represents the UAE in bringing together the East and the West of the world to formulate their future aspirations in technology.”

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai

Gitex is a huge event that brings together 6 major sections: Gitex Global, AI Everything, Gitex Future Stars, The Future Blockchain Summit, Fintech Surge, Marketing Media. BeFC attended this true gateway to the Middle East, Africa & South West Asia, and got the opportunity to present the biofuel cells in front of thousands of strategic partners, potential customers, distributors, buyers, media and big-ticket investors.

BeFC Champion at GITEX!

BeFC is extremely proud to say that our paper batteries have won the Supernova Challenge 2021 of the North Star Dubai GITEX competition. BeFC had the chance to exhibit the biofuel cells which make electricity with paper and enzymes. Our technology uses enzymes to convert glucose and oxygen into electricity. BeFC provides a completely metal-free, plastic-free, organic solution capable of completely changing the face of a wide range of industries using low-power electronics. The BeFC can radically reduce their costs, upgrade their supply chains and improve their ecological impact. We were happy to put BeFC under the spotlight at GITEX, and our innovative technology won the Supernova Challenge 2021. The competition was fierce: from 700 startups, only 220 were pre-selected for North Star Dubai future Stars. This was a challenge but also a chance! Being surrounded by the brightest minds of the century, world leaders in innovation… it creates an electrifying atmosphere and heats things up in the best possible way.  BeFC paper battery emerged as a category winner of the Supernova Challenge 2021 for “Best Social & Environmental Impact”.

BeFC’s disruptive technology caught the expert eye of a panel of world-class mentors and investors. Some of the sharpest in the game were Jo Foster - Reebok’s founder, as well as Tim Draper, famous for unearthing and early investing in Hotmail, Baidu or Skype amongst other success stories. They stopped in our booth to learn more about BeFC’s solution for low-power electronics. We had the chance to network with important corporate buyers, government representatives who inspired us with valuable insights to fast-track our growth and ideas of potential partnerships.

BeFC was supported at Gitex by Minalogic: A French competitiveness cluster for digital technologies in our region, Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes. Minalogic mobilises their skills and in-depth knowledge of the digital technology ecosystem to serve innovant projects, and we’re happy to count them amongst our development partners.

Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

Together, power the future with nature. ©

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