BeFC won the GreenIT Award at the WorldElectronics Forum (WEF)

January 2023
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BeFC won the GreenIT Award at the World Electronics Forum (WEF)

BeFC was happy to be invited and attend the World Electronics Forum to showcase the biofuel cell. Jules Hammond, our CEO and cofounder, presented to this high-level specialised gathering of CEOs and Directors of the electronics Industry how our technology succeeds in making organic electricity from paper and enzymes. We are happy to announce that we won the GreenIT Award for innovative sustainable technology!

One meeting to chair all the others: World Electronics Forum

What happens when the CEO of the biggest consumer technology show of the world – CES; decides that the most important decision-makers of the electronics industry should meet annually to talk about the latest trends? The World Electronics Forum is born! The WEF gathers world-wide leaders of the technology industry, mainly the heads of major companies as well as directors of electronic industry associations, for a closed-door business meeting to discuss the key topics that shape their different sectors.

This year, the three-day event was held in the French town of Montbonnot-Saint-Marin in Isère. This is a windfall and a great opportunity for France. The country has earned its place in the sphere of the leading areas of electronic technology, along with the United States and Asia who usually host the WEF. The event was made possible thanks to the exemplary involvement of the president of this year's edition, Laurent Hérault. Holding this high-calibre international meeting enables an exceptional strengthening of the links with global specialists. The WEF is designed to facilitate and bring about cooperation to develop innovation on a global scale. BeFC is proud to have been selected to attend these exchanges. BeFC was invited to present the eco-friendly miniature batteries to the world's technological leaders in search of the latest innovations.

The World Electronics Forum (WEF) : Incredible connections and a prize to top it all off!

BeFC’s CEO and co-founder, Jules, really enjoyed participating in this elite think tank. He was able to connect and exchange with a large number of electronic industry players. research institutes, and other leaders of large organisations. He introduced our ecological battery and its active sensor tags to representatives of the private sector of large companies, to the world of research and to the heads of industries. Jules discussed our activities, the current development of BeFC through international business ventures as well as potential partnerships to further integrate the biofuel cells into the market.

One of the main themes of the event was to address global environmental challenges through electronics and digital innovations. This is exactly what BeFC has been about since the beginning. Our team of scientists and engineers have succeeded in designing a cost-effective miniature battery that is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. In fact, it is made of organic materials! The biofuel cell is accompanied by a digital sensor platform that facilitates transparency and permits high-quality data gathering of temperature, pH, blood pressure and other vital signs for instance. The BeFC’s ecologic paper-based cell was designed to provide a more responsible powering solution for our planet… and BeFC wants to fuel not only batteries, but the whole world with this will to transform the way we consume our planet’s resources. Attending the WEF showed us once again that we are not alone. The WEF’s innovations and its dedication to deploy eco-friendly solutions allowed us to reinforce our high hopes in a greater future. BeFC exposed the mini-organic batteries to people and companies that are driven by the same commitment to make and propose these healthier choices. Indeed, this was the WEF 2022 edition’s major goals, extending in three stages. First, identifying and facilitating cooperation, highlighting the key innovations with the potential to solve the current global crises and installing growth vectors.

BeFC won the GreenIT prize at the World Electronics Forum (WEF)

At the WEF’s Startup Village, Jules exhibited biofuel cells alongside extremely innovative companies such as baio-dox or The exhibitors' digital creations, their level of expertise, their intellectual agility and the quick-witted exchanges conveyed a contagious excitement! The WEF was a gathering of the world's pinnacle of digital experts, all working together to propel humanity forward with connected futuristic green products. We are pleased to announce that upon the examination of the exhibitors, our eco-friendly batteries won the GreenIT Award! In other words, the WEF experts identified BeFC as a promising company that acts as a catalyst for change and rewarded us with the GreenIT prize.

Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

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