In the footsteps of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk: BeFC at Disrupt2022 from TechCrunch

February 2023
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In the footsteps of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk: BeFC at Disrupt2022 from TechCrunch

BeFC’s biofuel cells selected at Disrupt2022

TechCrunch chose BeFC’s paper-based biofuel cells to be part of the StartupBattlefield company. This means that BeFC will have the tremendous honor to exhibit at Disrupt2022!

Disrupt is a highly selective event to say the least, and only 200 startups sourced from all over the world have the immense privilege to participate. Real business geniuses were on the event’s stage long before their work populated your smartphones and got on everyone’s lips. Amongst them, Jack Dorsey -Twitter founder, Marissa Mayer -former Yahoo CEO, Travis Kalanick, the man behind Uber, Marc Benioff, CEO of Sales Force, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg who need no introduction.

BeFC at #Disrupt2022: A legendary event

Disrupt is the event in the startup ecosystem. For the founders, it’s an incredible opportunity to conquer the Silicon Valley and for enthusiasts, it’s the best place to get a solid grip of the innovation world. This year’s featured guests are the definition of a visionary game changer, and comprise Serena Williams, founder of Serena Ventures, Marc Lore, the founder & CEO of Wonder Group and RJ Scaringe, founder of Rivian.

The program is a giant mouth-watering delight for tech and business fans, and exactly what they need to level up. The workshops are led by passionate experts. Jeremiah Robison for instance, the soul-driven founder of Cionic will be coaching the whole community during a roundtable. Robinson will be teaching how he is using technology to progress human health into levels that only sci-fi movies dared to imagine before, merging humans with machines. Moved by an inward fire, the desire of helping his daughter walk, he’s breaking the frontier between humans and robots through AI and functional electrical stimulation to move a person’s legs for them. This is what Disrupt is all about: a celebration of the brightest and focused minds allying in the service of noble causes and transformational human advancement, providing solutions to global issues such as helping people with mobility challenges. We’ll learn from the success stories of those who mixed the very best of technology and unique product scaling to peak into the future. BeFC’s whole team is excited and we can’t wait to absorb and harness the mountain of actionable advice for the realisation of our own mission: powering the future through nature with our economic and organic biofuel paper cell.

BeFC selected to be part of The Startup Battlefield 200 of Disrupt2022

The Startup Battlefield 200, or SB 200 for those in the know, is the curated pool of exemplary startups with the chance to have their own stand at Disrupt 2022. The startup’s categories range from Hardware/Robotics/AI+ML, Health/BioTech, Space/Security, SaaS/Entreprise+Retail, Education/HR+Future of Work, CleanTech + Climate, FinTech+Blockchain, Mobility+Transportation.

TechCrunch went through thousands of applicants and many more will attend, but we are proud to announce that BeFC is amongst the lucky few to be awarded a special spot! BeFC will be exhibiting the biofuel paper cells during the 3 days straight of Dirsupt 2022.

During the Startup Battlefield, 20 finalists will be selected to compete for TechCrunch’s $100K prize. Famous winners from previous years include Fitbit, Cloudfare or Dropbox, and BeFC is proud to jump on the bandwagon, presenting our biofuel paper cells in the same estrade of these big names. By being selected by TechCrunch to participate in Disrupt2022, and compete in the Startup Battlefield, BeFC is being casted in the same mold of the pioneers of this century.

BeFC is excited to achieve this landmark and hopes to celebrate it with you! Join BeFC at TechCrunch Disrupt on October 18-20 or online on October 21!

Meet us at Disrupt2022 in San Francisco/online, and get a discount of your ticket here:

Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

Together, power the future with nature. ©

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