Dr. Marius CESBRON

Laboratory Coordinator


Having started his graduate studies in ceramic materials science in Limoges, Marius completed a MSc degree in nanochemistry and nanotechnology in Grenoble, specialising in polymer materials for advanced technologies. Driven by the ambition to work in R&D, he engaged on a PhD to study electrochemical processes used for functionalisation of electrodes. These various studies have enabled him to develop knowledge in energy storage and electrocatalysis.


Marius is in charge of coordinating laboratory resources, overseeing the day-to-day operations of our complex, highly technical facilities whilst maintaining good laboratory practice (GLP). With a PhD in electrochemistry, he provides technical leadership as well as assisting in the definition of experimental protocols and their analyses.

Dr. Marius CESBRONDr. Marius CESBRON
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