A revolutionary approach to
Smart Logistics
A revolutionary approach to
Smart Logistics

Centred around a sustainable, paper-based biofuel cell/active sensing tag, BeFC’s smart logistics solution is a game changer for asset-management.

As well as geopositioning data; variables relating to light, humidity, shock, temperature and theft can be tracked and traced with full transparency. And it’s not just more environmentally-friendly, it is more cost-effective than battery-driven alternatives.

Smart logistics just got smarter

A Supply Chain Dilemma

Track and trace the billions of packages transiting through the supply chain every day.

But do this in a way that optimises asset management, mitigates financial loss and protects the environment...

Asset Management: The Context


billion $
Loss in 2022 from 260 million lost packages in the US.[1]


Stolen or lost packages in the world…[2]


Global greenhouse gas emissions.[3]
Sources : Capital one shopping Package Theft Statistics Report 2023[1], The Penn Elcom Global Parcel Theft Report 2022[2], MIT Supply Chain Initiative Freight Transportation Report 2023[3]
A Supply Chain Solution
A track and trace technology
The ability to track and trace products or goods in transit is critical to success in business. Damage, loss or theft of assets can cause significant negative impact to customers’ bottom-line as well as drive up client dissatisfaction levels. BeFC’s Smart Logistics solution enables you to cost-effectively and sustainably transmit wireless data from distances of a few centimetres to up to dozens of kilometres using: RFID – Bluetooth – LPWAN
An all-in-one turnkey solution comprising a compact, sustainable biofuel cell and an active electronic tag.
Active Electronic Sensor Solution

Powered by the biofuel cell, BeFC’s modular active electronic tag generates real-time data relating to goods in transit:

  • Bespoke sensor
  • Ultra-low-power
  • Reusable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
Bluetooth Module

Transmits data (geopositioning, temperature, light, shock etc.) for analysis via asset management software.

Biofuel Cell Energy Source

BeFC has developed the world’s first and only paper-based biofuel cell. Its distinctive features include:

  • Flexible, ultra-thin and lightweight
  • Metal-free energy
  • Made from bio-sourced materials
  • Safe, non-hazardous
  • Significantly reduces recycling /disposal costs
Learn How Biofuel Cells Work

Real-time Asset Monitoring that Goes Beyond Geopositioning

The ability to track additional data (as well as geopositioning parameters) can significantly help companies who ship sensitive products or goods of high value. For example, pharmaceuticals and medical goods can be sensitive to light and temperature, paper can be sensitive to humidity, luxury goods can be particularly sensitive to shocks, whilst in transit. And these are but a few of the myriad of practical examples...

Road Haulage
Sea Freight
Air Freight

Tag, Trace & Monitor in Real Time


Temperature and humidity monitoring is critical to ensure vaccine quality and patient safety, food and beverages, flammables etc.


Identify theft through light sensing or tamper detection /strip rupturing to safeguard luxury and high-value items.


Shock detection for monitoring fragile goods like chemicals, medical equipment, cosmetics, luxury goods etc.


Pinpoint assets’ location & location history; data critical for priority deliveries, sensitive goods, blood bags, waste, etc.

Digital Logistics Solution
Powered by Nature

Inspired By Nature

Our patented paper biofuel cell uses a biochemical reaction to generate electricity. The inspiration for this organic electrochemical process owes its origins to human physiology.

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Clean Power Source

It centers on a a clean energy source that uses the power of enzymes to convert oxygen and glucose into electricity.

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Paper & Carbon

Predominantly made of paper and carbon,the BeFC cell can be recycled and even composted industrially.

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