BeFC: a catalyst for change

Pioneers in biofuel cell technology, BeFC is challenging the way batteries and electronics are produced – through a range of clean, sustainable products including natural, enzyme-driven battery alternatives and autonomous eco-friendly,
data-capture tags and patches.

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Cardboard meets Deeptech:
DS Smith accelerates smart packaging solutions with BeFC

Paper-based batteries set to wipe out waste.

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Batteries made Sustainable

Billions of batteries are disposed of every year. Conventional batteries often contain toxic materials, metals, and dangerous electrolytes.


primary batteries are disposed of every year


of miniature batteries end up in landfill or are incinerated


admit to regularly throwing batteries in the bin

Product 1: A Paper Energy Source

We are pioneers in biofuel cells - viable battery alternatives

After decades of patented cutting-edge research, BeFC has developed the first cost-effective, efficient, paper biofuel cells. BeFC biofuel cells are a viable, sustainable alternative to miniature, low-power
(button cell / coin cell) batteries.

  • Metal-free and organic
  • Recyclable and compostable
  • Safe and sustainable
BeFC biofuel cell

Product 2: Eco-friendly Microelectronics

Active sensor tags: harvest, monitor and transmit data sustainably &

Powered by BeFC biofuel cells, our full stack monitoring solutions generate and communicate data across a wide range of parameters.

  • Harvest data on temperature, humidity, geo-positioning, shock, pH & more.
  • Applications: wearables, smart Logistics, IoT, healthcare, & more
  • Cost-efficient, reusable, low-environmental impact
Become a leader in sustainabilitY AND

Meet user needs sustainably!

Sustainability is important for modern business. But not at the expense of quality. BeFC products have been designed to meet, or exceed, the needs of end-users and industry through a
cutting-edge design, stemming from decades of academic research.

And whereas most sustainability technologies come at a premium, BeFC’s solutions  are as cost-effective as they are powerful. 

Low-poly tree with motherboard connectors as rootsLow-poly tree with motherboard connectors as roots

Create a Smart and Sustainable Future

BeFC is committed to working with its customers, strategic partners and investors to provide low-impact, low-cost, ecological digital solutions to the planet.

Together, power the future with nature.©

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Discover the future.
BeFC's recipe: electricity using only paper and enzymes!

Awards & Accreditations

BeFC is amongst the TOP3 pioneering IoMT solutions at MEDICA 2020.
BeFC is a Tech Tour Transfer 21 winner
From 700 startups, BeFC paper batteries emerged as a category winner of the Supernova Challenge for Best Environmental & Social Impact.
BeFC is SET100 Certified (Start Up Energy Transition).
BeFC selected as Best Green Energy Startups in Europe by Valuer.
BeFC has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label
"The experts working with us have determined, on the basis of provided data, that the project BeFC meets all our...
Dr. Jules Hammond, cofounder and CEO of BeFC, has been recognised by Le Point as one of the Best French Innovator.


The quality of BeFC® disruptive technologies
is being recognised worldwide.

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