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with papers & enzymes

With 97% of batteries ending up in landfill or being incinerated, BeFC® biofuel cells are an ecofriendly energy source that helps to protect the environment.

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Batteries made Sustainable

Billions of batteries are disposed of every year. Conventional batteries often contain toxic materials, metals, and dangerous electrolytes.


primary batteries are disposed of every year


of miniature batteries end up in landfill or are incinerated


admit to regularly throwing batteries in the bin

Product 1 : A Paper Energy Source

We are
Pioneers in Biofuel Cells

After decades of patented leading research, BeFC has developed the first economic and efficient paper biofuel cells. The use of biosourced materials improves ease of disposal and recycling.

  • Metal-free and organic
  • Recyclable and disposable
  • Safe and sustainable
BeFC biofuel cell
Digital platform

Product 2: Ecofriendly Microelectronics

We offer
Safe, Digital, and Reusable Electronics

BeFC provide full-stack electronic solutions. By eliminating the significant environmental impact of the battery, we are enabling green digital devices.

  • Low-cost
  • Low environmental impact
  • Reusable

The Leader in Sustainability

Combining an organic energy solution with an eco-friendly sensor platform, we provide insightful data for our customers to identify and quantify metrics to reduce their ecological impact. This traceability and transparency is a key factor for sustainability.

Low-poly tree with motherboard connectors as rootsLow-poly tree with motherboard connectors as roots

Create a Smart and Sustainable Future

BeFC is committed to working with our customers, strategic partners and investors to provide low-cost, ecological digital solutions to the planet.

Together, power the future with nature.©



Awards and Labels

Innovation Awards Honoree
Innovation Awards Honoree
Competition Winner
French Tech Green20


The quality of BeFC® disruptive technologies
is being recognised worldwide.

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