BeFC team standing in front of a mountain

We are BeFC

Multi-disciplinary experts from various background, we are problem solvers that act together for a more sustainable future.

Meet our team
BeFC team standing in front of a mountainBeFC team standing in front of a mountain


CEO & cofounder

As a CEO, Jules is focused on hiring talent to build an interdisciplinary team of problem solvers. He develops the strategy to guide the company towards its mission of replacing conventional miniature batteries with BeFC technology, to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable energy solution for low-power electronics.

Prof. Jean-Francis BLOCH
COO & cofounder

Jean-Francis shares executive duties with Jules in the function of COO, and help manage the interdisciplinary team, ensuring the share the values at BeFC. He is also in charge of the developing our production capabilities to provide our clients with an eco-friendly, but also economically-viable, solution.

CPO & cofounder

As a CPO, Marie is in charge of the product strategy and development: she is focused on defining the product vision, ensuring the product aligns with customer needs. Marie also provides customer project management, product engineering and product marketing.




CNRS team

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Open positions

BeFC is an interdisciplinary team that welcome fresh perspectives from every new member. Like us, you need to be driven by quality and be motivated to grow and develop. Work with us to help create the next generation of smart and sustainable devices.

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