R&D Chemical Polymer Engineer


After graduating from the Biochemistry Department (Ege University) , Bilal maintained his studies with a Masters degree in Nanoformulations for Cosmetics and also Biosensors. During his Ph.D. project, Bilal worked on developing new theranostic nanocolloids by using several nanomaterials in Izmir/Turkey (Ege Univ) and Compiégne/France (UTC). He continued his Post-Doc with a research based on Molecularly Imprinting Polymer Colloids in CNRS/UTC. Within his last role as an engineer in CEA-LETI, he developed skills in developing hydrogel-based microneedles apart from nanoformulations and biosensing surfaces within a multidisciplinary approach.


His role as a R&D Chemical and Polymer Engineer is to assist our team in order to improve our technology by developing bio-friendly formulations and to bring state-of-the-art solutions in the development of BeFC.

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