BeFC team standing in front of their office building

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BeFC stands for Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells, and we stand for excellence in everything that we do.

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BeFC team standing in front of their office buildingBeFC team standing in front of their office building

BeFC is committed to providing an eco-friendly energy solution to enable the next generation of low-environmental impact electronic solutions.

Our Vision

MAY 25
OCT 14

Creation of the company

Our company was created in May 2020 as a spin-off of the CNRS. BeFC was founded on decades of pioneering biofuel cell research, pivoted towards emerging markets in the packaging, wearable and single-use medical markets.

With a team of world class engineers, scientists, and problem-solvers, BeFC develops an organic and eco-friendly energy solution for the next generation of smart and sustainable electronics.

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NOV 10
BeFC batteries being manufactured

Industrialisation phase

Following VC seed financing in June 2020, BeFC have invested in optimising material selection, product design, as well as refining processes to improve compatibility towards industrial production.

The company’s robotic sheet-to-sheet machine is capable of producing 2000 units per day for prototyping and industrial testing. In the middle of 2021, BeFC started developing a roll-to-roll process, to be implemented by the end of 2022.

FEB 31

Series A investment and international expansion

BeFC are targeting a second round of financing in 2022 in order to further develop its active sensor tag, providing a low-cost, low environmental digital solution. The company will expand its US operations, as well as create a hub in Japan, supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG).

JAN 01
FEB 31

BeFC reaches commercialisation

With the company focusing on achieving clients’ requirements and implementing its quality control framework, BeFC is on track for delivering its first batch of mass-produced products at the start of 2023.

FEB 31
FEB 31

BeFC products go global

With the help of our clients, strategic partners, and investors, our goal is to take BeFC technology global in 2025.

Open positions

BeFC is an interdisciplinary team that welcome fresh perspectives from every new member. Like us, you need to be driven by quality and be motivated to grow and develop. Work with us to help create the next generation of smart and sustainable devices.

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Office in France
Office in France
US office

Corporate governance

CEO & cofounder

As a CEO, Jules is focused on hiring talent to build an interdisciplinary team of problem solvers. He develops the strategy to guide the company towards its mission of replacing conventional miniature batteries with BeFC technology, to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable energy solution for low-power electronics.

Prof. Jean-Francis BLOCH
COO & cofounder

Jean-Francis shares executive duties with Jules in the function of COO, and help manage the interdisciplinary team, ensuring the share the values at BeFC. He is also in charge of the developing our production capabilities to provide our clients with an eco-friendly, but also economically-viable, solution.

Core team

CNRS team