Technical Marketer


With a diverse background in engineering, technology, and marketing. Julien's academic journey includes an Engineering degree in Electronic and Computer Science and a Master's in International Management with a focus on technology and innovation. This educational background laid the unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen.

Julien's professional journey began in the pharmaceutical industry, where he dedicated three years to Business Intelligence, specializing in data analysis and the deployment of information systems within a manufacturing plant. His insights and contributions were instrumental in optimizing operational efficiency.

Following his pharmaceutical experience, Julien transitioned to a prominent technology company, where he spent two years in marketing and offer management. Here, he honed his skills in content creation, product development, and market analysis. Julien’s ability in managing customer panels and crafting tailor-made offerings positioned the company to excel in a new competitive market.


As a Technical Marketer, Julien will help with his ability to bridge the gap between technology, marketing and business.

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