BeFC celebrates our 1-YEAR anniversary.

September 2022
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BeFC is celebrating our 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY 🎂

In just one year we have achieved so many milestones. Our paper-based biofuel cells are capable of generating electricity using enzymes and glucose, providing a sustainable energy solution for low power electronics.

We have built an amazing team with experts in the fields of : electrochemistry, biology, materials science, electronics and printing. More than ever, we are ready to work with leading companies to provide a complete power source replacement for existing products or to unlock innovation to help achieve sustainable development goals.

If you want to develop the next generation of smart, safe and sustainable devices, get in touch with us now at and let's work together.

Together, power the future with nature.©️⚡️💡♻️🌱

Animated video by Propulse Video.

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