BeFC & PRONAT partner to provide eco-friendly medical digital patches.

September 2022
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BeFC has entered a partnership with Pronat to implement and embed their sustainable biofuel cells and ultra low-power sensor tags into skin patches.

BeFC offer a paper-based sustainable energy solution, combined with a flexible electronics platform that has been optimised to our energy source. Because our technology is metal-free and plastic-free, it can be easily disposed of (e.g., incinerated), with minimal or negligible impact to the environment.

For medical device manufacturers, this can significantly reduce costs of disposal compared with incineration of medical devices that are powered by traditional chemical batteries. It also improves life cycle assessment factors.

Our technology also provides significant improvement in power density compared to zinc-air based technology, meaning the energy source can be miniaturised, or for the same size, BeFC technology can cope with higher peak power demands (for wireless connectivity, higher frequency sampling, use of LEDs/photodiodes for measurements).

Who is BeFC ?

BeFC is a 19 month old start-up which revolutionises the way we power electronics using a biosourced energy. From decades of leading research on implantable technologies, we have transposed human energy generation on a paper-based substrate. Our aim is to offer a replacement to toxic miniature batteries as well as to unlock new technologies on the market with the lowest impact on the environment.

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"We are delighted to work with Pronat Medical in order to provide wearable patches with our organic energy solution. BeFC produce paper biofuel cells in combination with ultra-low-power electronic sensing tags, a smart and sustainable solution for a variety of wearable medical applications." - Dr. Jules HAMMOND, CEO & cofounder of BeFC.

Who is Pronat Medical ?

Pronat Medical specializes in the design and production of medical device fixations and wearables. Typically these may include parts such as patches, electrodes and sensors. With over twenty five years experience in converting flexible materials and extensive knowledge of medical grade materials, Pronat is able to help you develop and manufacture your product to the required performance and specification. The Pronat capability includes Process Validation and Regulatory Support.

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"This co-operation facilitates an advanced ‘power pack’ that is environmentally friendly and provides for safedisposal of these medical grade battery cells." - Jonathan Weil, Director at Pronat Medical.

Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

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