Building Bridges : BNP Paribas and Solar impulse invited BeFC to a round table in Geneva for the launch of their new venture fund.

December 2022
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BeFC was invited as a keynote speaker for the launch of BNP Paribas and the Solar Impulse Foundation Venture Fund dedicated to startups.

BNP Paribas and Solar Impulse Foundation have launched a Venture Fund focusing on solutions that will change the world for the better. This fund encourages cleantech companies to act for the environment by providing their technologies to the market whilst remaining profitable.

BeFC : A Solar Impulse Efficient Solution by Bertrand Piccard & the Solar Impulse Foundation

Implanted in Grenoble France, BeFC is a company acting for ecological and numerical transition. We produce biofuel cells that create electricity with cellulose papers and biomolecules called enzymes. With the Solar Impulse label, BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells was invited to share our experience : from our investment from BNP Paribas Développement / Demeter / Supernova Invest , to our label as one of the #1000solutions by Solar Impulse, to TODAY.

"The fund BNP Paribas Solar Impulse Venture will be managed by BNP Paribas Agility Capital; which intends to invest €150 million in high-potential startups committed to the ecological transition, in order to accelerate their development and help them scale up." - BNP Paribas.

This fund will be dedicated to startups labelled by « Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions » thanks to rigorous evaluations of independent experts who will measure feasibility as well as economical and environmental efficiency.

BeFC : A Sustainable Development Goal SDG7 by UNWTO

Since 2019, Building Bridges has been the hub for sustainable finance in Switzerland and around the globe. Building Bridges includes participation from the finance industry, the UN and international organizations, NGOs, academia, government and more. BeFC was fortunate to have been invited to this event as a Sustainable Development Goal Startup (SDG7) labelled by the UNWTO.

"Building Bridges is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments in finance and SDGs, network with diverse participants from different backgrounds and perspectives, and take action to advance a sustainable future." - Building Bridges.

This event expected 2000+ attendees and was supported by 28 sponsors who believe in a vision of joint action on sustainable finance.

Together, power the future with nature.©🌎

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