Le Point lists BeFC amogst the Best French Inventors.

February 2023
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Le point lists BeFC amongst the Best French Inventors

Le Point has made a point of celebrating minds that are anti-conformist, original and brave enough to refuse the status quo. This is totally in line with the philosophy of this French news pioneer, known for its rebellious and independent leanings since 1972. Le Point chose to honor the successors of Steve Jobs and Linus Torvalds, and selected BeFC and its CEO Jules Hammond in its list of the Best French Inventors!

BeFC amongst the 100 innovations of tomorrow of the Best French Inventors

Le Point hired a jury of experts to select the 100 Best Innovations of tomorrow, and our biofuel cell that creates electricity from paper and enzymes made the Palmarès and won its place in the Top 100. The solutions presented by Le Point are all more astonishing than the others. A whole mix of new technologies as disruptive as they are surprising! Really, creativity has no limits, and in our field of work, we realise that with sufficient desire, humans can really do anything. Amongst the listed companies, Lactips uses milk to create packaging, Alogpack transforms algae to replace plastic, Carbios recycles plastic and textiles with enzymes and Néolithe are changing non-recycling waste into blocks... In fact, innovation is at the heart of France's capacity for development and is a lever for improving the country's growth and productivity. France has always valued the ability to think outside the box, and its discoverers and inventors have left their mark on history and provided fertile ground for the emergence of new innovations: we are all familiar with the results of the creativity and research of Marie and Pierre Curie, Pasteur and Louis Braille. ...and today, the place of innovation is decisive in France as evidenced by the interest of governments and the media, for the capacity of its ecosystems to translate into job creation and the emergence of new solutions that revitalise environments. For instance, in the next edition of CES, Business France will support more than 200 French startups at the famous Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the event that sets the technological trends for the future.

The biofuel cell: an innovation for green technology and sustainable electronics

Our biofuel cell is the culmination of decades of research that has blended expertise from many different fields to create a solution that offers a sustainable alternative to conventional batteries. BeFC's innovation is the result of the search for economic, environmental and social efficiency.  During these years of research, try-outs and experiments, our co-founders wanted to find a way to reduce the environmental impact of an industry that traditionally dumps toxic materials into nature. This chemical waste ends up in landfills or incinerated. The BeFC inventors' goal was simple, but grand: to create electricity from the reactions of enzymes with paper, and provide a sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly source of energy instead.

Thanks to their vision, their ability to believe in themselves, a deep conviction that everything is possible for those who are methodical and ask the right questions, they succeeded in this challenge. Our cofounders proposed a miniature eco-friendly battery that creates electricity from biodegradable and abundant materials in nature. The battery is accompanied by a digital platform eco-designed to provide accurate information on various parameters such as temperature, pH ... BeFC also managed to prove that this platform does not interfere with the recycling of our customers' products. After all these adventures, our final product is perfectly in line with the energy transition movement and the objectives of sustainable development and combines the nec plus ultra of technology with the desire to save our planet and leave a preserved nature to our children. We are happy to announce that this has earned us the recognition from Le Point, which celebrated our CEO Dr. Jules Hammond as one of the Best French Inventors.

The Best French Inventors : Guillaume Grallet and his team feature their selection.

Amongst the listed companies, Lactips use milk to create packaging, and Algopack use algae to replace plastic, so... isn't it only natural for BeFC to create electricity using enzymes, sugar and papers? BeFC have created a sustainable and ecofriendly energy solution for low-power electronics to address the environmental issue related to toxic miniature batteries.

Other intersting startups including Carbios which use enzymes to recycle plastics & textiles, and Néolithe which are changing non-recycling waste into blocks, are also disrupting the status quo.

You can read the full article here.

Contact us at info@befc.fr to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

Together, power the future with nature. ©

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