BeFC at MET21 : It's all uphill from here!

September 2022
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BeFC emerged as one of the last 10 finalists of the MET21.

Organised and founded by Stephane Theodorides, the prize of the MET21 was awarded by Gilles Delaruelle, CEO at Courchevel Tourisme.

"The MET21 is the first start-up competition organised by Courchevel on the following themes : Mountain, Ecology and Technology." - Stéphane Théodorides CEO & Founder at M.E.T Courchevel

BeFC had the honor to participate to MET21 in Courchevel on the Inauguration Day of the Club des Sports de Courchevel in their brand new Facilities, as well as to present BeFC sustainable and ecological technologies in front of a panel of experts :

- Ines leonarduzzi (Digital for the planet)

- Bertille Toledan (BETC)

- Pascal de THIERSANT (Société Les 3 Vallées France)

- Jean-Yves Pachod (Maire of Courchevel)

- Xavier Court (veepee)

- Cyrielle Hariel (BFM business)

- Camille Rey-Gorrez (Mountain Riders)

- Gregory Trebaol (EasybikeGroup)

Amongst the finalists, inspiring pitches were delivered, and particularly from ADN SKIS, WE GO GREENR which supports companies in their ecological transition, as well as MOONBIKES and their electric snowbikes. And for the first ever MET21 edition, hosted in the stunning resort of Courchevel, ADN SKIS and Camille Lambert (CEO) won the first place for their project aiming at launching fully recyclable skis. What a better way to reinvent the mountain of tomorrow than in a ski resort with recyclable skis !

Despite the 10 amazing projects presented to the jury and the winner of the first place (ADN SKIS), BeFC largely won over the jury's hearts for its technological disruptions and received a prize that was not planned: the jury’s favourite or "Coup de coeur".

BeFC produces electricity using paper and enzymes: it is like a "paper battery". BeFC sustainable and innovative energy solution enables low-power electronics, which we also plan to eco design, and produce, in order to achieve the lowest impact for an electronic platform.

Sliding to MET22

BeFC and Courchevel are already looking forward to the next edition of the MET22 to be held in December 2022. In addition to the start-up competition, MET22 will see the creation of a 3-day forum on new technologies.

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