BeFC has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.

September 2022
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BeFC paper fuel cells are now part of the 1000 Solutions Community of Solar Impulse.

Solar Impulse Foundation has started a mission to select 1000 solutions that address environmental challenges while enabling economic growth.

We are industrialising our BeFCs in an ecological way, using bio sourced materials while reducing the environment impact of our process. We propose co-development contracts to clients who share our vision of a smart and sustainable future. - Dr. Jean-Francis Bloch.

We are proud to announce that the foundation has reached its goal and our sustainable energy solution, BeFC, is part of the portfolio along with #1000solutions

BeFC is committed to offering a sustainable and eco-friendly energy solution for low-power electronics applications. We are so proud to be supported by the Solar Impulse Foundation, working alongside other innovative solutions to make an impact. - Dr. Jules Hammond.

Assessed by independent experts, the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label, serves as a credible marker of quality to decision-makers in business and governments. Besides being an award for clean solutions, this label focuses on both environment and profitability. This label will pull new technologies and products to the market and fast track their implementation.

Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

Together, power the future with nature. ©

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