The "key" pitch unlocking our entry to the Medical Market.

September 2022
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After a series of pitch contests performed by Dr. Jules Hammond (CEO), and Dr. Marie Berthuel (Product Manager), EIT Health announced the finalists of the sixth edition of the Catapult acceleration program on December 6th, 2021. Amongst the finalists, BeFC will have the opportunity to present in Stockholm, Sweden, in front of a panel of experts from the medical field, alongside 3 other French startups: SideROS, Orixha and Azmed.

BeFC are heading to Stockholm, Sweden as finalists of EIT Health Catapult 2021

Cofounded by the European union, EIT Health prize will include coaching sessions, as well as meeting with potential investors and major global companies to help us spread our worldwide presence.

Throughout the competition, the jury was always intrigued and interested by our breakthrough technology: an innovative biodegradable energy solution to reduce environmental impact related to toxic miniature batteries. We not only use recycled papers and enzymes to create electricity as a replacement of batteries in digital medical devices but we also enable new technologies at the forefront of digital health.

"Participating in the EIT Health Catapult program has given more visibility and grounds to our company in the Medtech world. It has also emphasised an ecosystem which puts the patient at the center of innovation in order to achieve better results. With the help of Dr. Rouzet Agaiby, our EIT mentor and associate director at eg technology, we were also able to identify new prospects." - Dr. Marie Berthuel, Product & Communication Manager of BeFC.

The relationship between EIT health and BeFC started in 2020, as we benefited from the Digital Sandbox funding. The program supports startups in obtaining valuable data through European biobanks to create healthcare innovations and finding appropriate data sources and research partners. This European grant allowed us to investigate the use of biological samples, including blood and urine from certified European biobanks (Med Uni Graz), to initiate our disruptive biofiuel cells to be used in medical and healthcare applications. It has helped BeFC with prospect onboarding of clients from medical markets interested in single-use/single-patient test devices, as it allows us to clearly demonstrate the possibilities to directly use the sample simultaneously for test and energy.

"At BeFC, we create electricity with paper and enzymes. Our biofuel cells are a sustainable and disposable energy solution for low-power digital medical devices. To support the market adoption of this disruptive technology, we also produce ultra-low-power electronic platforms capable of providing a complete digital solution dedicated to the needs of our customers." - Dr. Jules HAMMOND, CEO and co-founder of BeFC.

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Sifting of MedTech industry with greener products

According to an article published by Sifted, many startups in Europe specialising in BioTech and MedTech have gained great potential despite the pandemic. With a record year for startup investments, 2021 has demonstrated the need for new eco-friendly devices positioned to collect and secure data to realise the goal of improving patient outcomes. As a MedTech startup, BeFC organic biofuel cells are also be suitable for wearables and low-power remote patient monitoring tools.

We strongly believe that EIT Health Catapult is a perfect platform for us to showcase our sustainable innovation. We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm on May 24th 2022.

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Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

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