Senior Communication Lead


Andy’s academic background includes a degree in Humanities at Huddersfield University and a Marketing Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

His career in Marketing and Communications spans 30 years, split equally across technology companies each side of the channel.  

In the UK, after a first role as a copywriter at a direct marketing agency, he progressed onto marketing/ communication and management roles in the British Technology Group, Orange and Avenir Telecom.  

After crossing the channel to France, he has held posts as Marketing & Communications Director at Floralis (Technology Transfer Office/University Grenoble Alpes) and Communications Manager roles at the CEA Liten and BioLogic.


Andy’s role at BeFC is to manage communication channels for the organisation including marcoms, web management, Search Engine Optimisation, direct marketing, and press relations. He also plays an active role in the development of communication strategies for BeFC and continues to draw upon his experience as a copywriter.

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