Dr. Stéphane RENARD

Executive Board Member


Stéphane RENARD is a veteran entrepreneur in high tech companies, with various positions as adviser and/or board member. He was the Founder of Tronics Microsystems, a manufacturer of MEMS products. For a period of more than 20 years, Tronics was built from almost nothing up to a company with 100 people, with fabrication facilities in both Europe and the United States. Stéphane was key in the different development and financing phases from VC funding in the early 2000s, an IPO in February 2015, and a trade sell exit to TDK Group in January 2017. Formerly, Stéphane had years of experience in R&D in MEMS and optoelectronics and associated technology transfers for CEA-LETI. He graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris (Engineering MSc) and from Grenoble Institute of Technology (PhD in Optoelectronics from Grenoble-INP).


Dr. Stéphane RENARDDr. Stéphane RENARD
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