Industrialisation Project Coordinator


Yohan graduated from the OVI (Optique et vision industrielle) section of Télécom Saint-Étienne, providing him a solid knowledge in electronics, industrial vision and optical system. The OVI section being a sandwich course, he completed his 3 years apprenticeship within Calor, as the plant vision leader.

Directly after his graduation, Yohan integrated Becton Dickinson for 4,5 years. He managed projects impacting WW plant in Mexico, the USA, Hungary and others. During this experience, he worked on the integration of new production lines, upgrades of existing equipment or harmonization of processes or documentation. All these projects allowed him to develop his project management skills, technical expertise and knowledge on industrial practices.


Using his stellar industrial background, Yohan ensures projects are executed to schedule and budget so that the team can deliver our objectives. His role is to continually perform risk mitigation whilst organising documentation, reporting, meetings, and delivering updates to managers.

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