BeFC: Award Winner of the Cleantech Open contest

February 2023
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BeFC: Award Winner of the Cleantech Open contest

BeFC has added another award to its track records, this time through the Cleantech competition organised by the Cleantech Open France association. BeFC was selected among more than 180 companies, has passed a double-examination with flying colors and ended up winning in the category “Digital and IoT”.

Cleantech Open France

When we hear the “Open” in “Cleantech Open France”, we think of openness, expansion and growth. For French startups, it sounds like a breath of fresh air and a lever for progress. CTO France is exactly that: a host of opportunities and a powerful companion on the road to scaling. The association has a very modern name and is called after the cause it serves, the development of environmental technologies. Cleantech Open France is an important actor of the French ecological innovation scene, dedicated to contribute to the energy, environmental and climate transition through the development of French green young companies. The association is very successful in its mission. Cleantech Open France has already created more than 8000 jobs, raised more than a heaping 1000M euros and counts more than 100 active partners in its network.

This specialised incubator seeks, finds, finances and supports the best French eco-innovative startups, aiming to make the country a leader in the ecological transition. Its activities are in line with the government’s agenda to make France a leader in ecological transition, allocating nearly 15 billion euros for this purpose.

BeFC Laureates the Cleantech Open France Contest!

It all started in the spring of 2022, when BeFC decided to apply to the Cleantech Open Contest.

More than 180 companies competed, and CTO’s panel of experts took about two months to review the innovative startups’ projects. In July, BeFC received the great news: we learned that our biofuel cells were among the 5 finalists selected in our field.

The competition categorises companies into 9 key sectors for the development of green technologies: Renewable energies, Energy efficiency, Water, air and biodiversity protection, Mobility, Digital and IoT, Green chemistry and new materials, Construction & real estate, Agriculture and food and finally Circular economy. BeFC’s ecological miniature batteries provide thin, flexible platforms with a wide range of sensors, microcontrollers, user interactions and wireless modules, allowing BeFC to participate (and win!) in the Digital and IoT section. In the end of September, the 5 finalists of each category, 45 in total, pitched their solutions in front of an 80 people jury at Bpifrance – a French financing organisation.

Alexandre Bloch, BeFC’s Sustainability lead, pitched the biofuel cells. He explained how our advanced technology, at the intersection of multiple disciplines, is making electricity from organic materials. He explained our vision for the future and how we did our part in the advancement of the micro-batteries’ world: by using papers and enzymes to create energy that is not only recyclable but also biodegradable. BeFC’s pitch won the competition!

BeFC’s prize: partnering with Cleantech Open

By entering the competition and being the winner of its section, BeFC has gained a support program of several months, in addition to an important media coverage - the Cleantech Open label benefits from a great reputation and a worldwide recognition. BeFC was also able to join a network of public actors, investors and large companies that are specifically keen on boosting innovation.

Cleantech Open France is known for its huge impact on the startup ecosystem by supporting its laureates in creating sustainable economic growth with real benefits for society. One of the program’s success stories remains “Blablacar”, which won the contest in 2010. The story of its impact is exceptional: it has succeeded in reducing 1.6 million tons of CO2 in one year, which is more than the total amount of CO2 emissions from road traffic in Paris and its suburb!

BeFC is excited to benefit from this support, visibility and connections. We will be able to present our biofuel cells to the best technical and business experts in cleantech and benefit from the renowned label. BeFC also won a privileged access to the Cleantech Open France community as well as all its events for one year. In one year, who knows what we can accomplish together! In 2023, we plan to deliver our first batch of mass-produced organic biofuel cells, and we’re excited to have a partner as committed as Cleantech Open France by our side.

Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

Together, power the future with nature. ©

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