BeFC was invited to the USA embassy in Paris France.

February 2023
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Denise Campbell Bauer

BeFC had the great privilege of being personally invited to the U.S. Embassy in Paris to meet with her Excellency Denise Campbell Bauer, the American Ambassador of the United States in France. BeFC has an office in the U.S., in the famous Triangle Park, and our international rollout strategy includes expansion in the Northern U.S. as well as in Asia. BeFC was invited to discuss our deployment in the USA, the implementation of the production infrastructure and BeFC’s recruitment strategy.

BeFC at the USA Embassy

As a member of the French Tech Green20, BeFC is developing its relationship with the European government through Business France to boost our business development strategy and our customer prospecting. BeFC is interested in expanding into the northern United States in particular, and we have begun efforts in this direction. A number of our current clients are already located across the Atlantic. We have established an office in North Carolina, a region that is particularly well developed in terms of clean energy and has a strong clean energy ecosystem, with several key members such as MassCEC already among our preferred partners. Her Excellency Denise Campbell Bauer was very interested in BeFC's potential in the U.S. and wanted to know more about how to strengthen the economic ties between our two countries and advise us on our deployment strategy. It was our COO, Pro. Jean-Francis Bloch, also one of BeFC's co-founders, who represented us at this meeting to discuss the governmental support available to our sustainable energy startup. Jean-Francis has the distinction of having taught for many years his rich expertise on paper in an impressive number of countries, and he brings his cosmopolitan experience to BeFC by steering the major axes of the international expansion of our biofuel cells.

BeFC currently in North Carolina

Since the North Carolina General Assembly passed the Southeast Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (REPS) in 2007, which requires the use of a portion of electricity from clean renewable resources, the sustainable energy industry has made a huge leap in the area.

BeFC's movement towards the United States was therefore initially focused on this region, which in 2020 was still the undeniable leader of the entire Southeast in solar energy. The dedication of North Carolina’s policy makers to changing the way energy is produced and consumed is also an important reason why we wanted to locate our office there, in Triangle Park in particular. The Research Triangle Park is the second largest high-tech industry cluster in the United States, right behind the Sillicon Valley and it is the biggest research center in the world. The idea was to install BeFC in the most fertile environment for exchanges and development, in this concentration of knowledge and animation around clean energy. Since then, BeFC has won several deeptech competitions in the region, has made a place for itself in the ecosystem and regularly collaborates with several major players of the sector. BeFC is currently receiving a lot of support from the French government due to our innovation and alignment of the eco-friendly miniature battery with the national green transition strategy, and we are pleased to announce that this institutional support exists on the US side as well. Indeed, we have been invited by the Ambassador in Paris and also by Machelle Sanders, the Secretary of Commerce of North Carolina. She is an expert in biotechnology and she identified BeFC and its ability to provide sustainable electronic energy and sensing solutions. BeFC thus participates in strengthening the links between our two countries, at the scientific, innovative, sustainable and business levels.

Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

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