PALMARÈS GIVERNY – LE POINT 2022 : Alexandre BLOCH is one of the 50 leaders, under 40, engaged in ecological and social transition !

February 2023
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The Palmares Giverny – Le Point brought together 50 committed leaders under the age of 40 who are actively contributing to accelerate France’s ecological and social transformation.

We are proud to announce that Le Point has honored our Sustainability Coordinator in its Palmarès Giverny! This list brings together the 50 committed leaders of sustainability, it rewards impactful characters who actively contribute to accelerate the ecological and social transition in France.

BeFC is amongst the 50 Committed Young Leaders of Sustainability

These 50 "committed young leaders under 40" were honored in the column of Le Point, a French news leader since 1972 whose motto - "Choose not to despair of anything" - illustrates the optimism of the devoted youth it wishes to celebrate. The selection for the Palmarès GIVERNY was based on multiple criterias, including : 1) activity in terms of experiences and achievement, 2) the candidate’s positive impact on society, 3) the capacity to influence, 4) the development potential. What a great cocktail for impact!

BeFC is really happy to see that CSR is a topic of interest for the public, and to see that a leader of information so well known for its irreverence, non-conformity and independence has chosen to make it a headline subject. CSR is an approach that not only contributes to the respect and protection of our planet by directly involving companies on the issue of responsibility, but also significantly enhances working conditions and well-being within society as a whole. As a team, BeFC also found the list very interesting, and we were delighted to see so many young mayors brimming with green initiatives in cities across France!

Alexandre Bloch, our Sustainability Coordinator made the Palmarès Giverny

At BeFC, we are strongly committed to the French energy and ecological transition. The BeFC is a miniature battery capable of producing electricity from biosourced plant materials that are abundant in nature: paper and enzymes. With this product, we offer a green energy solution that constitutes a more respectful alternative for the planet and drastically limits the environmental impacts of several industries.

As Sustainability Coordinator, Alexandre oversees the sustainability axis of BeFC. He is a specialist in eco-design and circular economy, who ensures that our startup is ecologically and sustainably efficient by assessing the environmental impact throughout the different phases of the product, process and project management. Thus, he operates on the life cycle assessments (LCA) of the eco-friendly miniature battery, to ensure that our product is in line with the 3Rs of waste management and their other guiding principles. One of his most important missions is to ensure our alignment and contribution to each SDG of the 2030 Agenda. Alexandre ensures that BeFC employs a multi-dimensional approach to playing its part in the advancement of the UN SDGs. Our Sustainability Coordinator ensures that our actions are coherent and consistent at different levels: product, production methods, project management, environments and stakeholders among others. We are truly proud of Le Point's recognition of its contributions.  

We would also like to thank CITEO, who supported us in an extensive way as part of their startup Accelerator, the Circular Challenge. CITEO accompanied us on several fronts of eco-design, through coaching and learning sessions of several formats, and helped BeFC perform the tests to prove the recyclability of our miniature biofuel battery.

PALMARÈS GIVERNY – LE POINT PROMOTION 2022 : BeFC amongst the 50 French Leaders of ecological transformation.

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Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

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