BeFC at the XVIIth Scientific Conference of the French Group of Bioelectrochemistry - GFB

February 2023
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BeFC at the XVIIth scientific conference of the French Group of Bioelectrochemistry - GFB (Groupe Français de Bioélectrochimie)

BeFC is first and foremost a scientific endeavour, and we consider that our electrochemists must be present and active in the research community. As such, our Laboratory Manager, Dr. Marius Cesbron attended the XVIIth conference of the GFB - French Group of Bioelectrochemistry that took place from Sept 26 to 29 in St Dié-Des-Vosges.

GFB: Bioelectrochemistry at its finest

The GFB, Groupe Français de Bioélectrochimie, is a French structure of international scope with laboratories all over the world. The GFB was created by biologists and chemists, both users of electrochemical methods, to institute a joint meeting platform. The GFB covers 6 important topics: biosensors and modified electrodes; biofilms/biocorrosion; biofuel cells/chips and integrated systems/electrochemistry of proteins and of biomimetics; electrochemistry at living systems.

The GFB regularly organises important symposiums of high standing and global dimension. International specialists are invited to lecture on topics of general interest while electrochemical material exhibitions take place. BeFC was invited to attend the XVIIth GFB conference to meet the scientific community and attend the keynote talks of 7 internationally-renowned speakers; on multiple fields of bioelectrochemistry. A special issue of the Bioelectrochemistry journal was even published on this occasion!

It's hard to mention Bioelectrochemistry without naming Serge Cosnier. This scientific genius who holds the Legion of Honor has been one of the driving forces behind the development of bioelectrochemistry in France and throughout the world. Serge has made this field; its declinations and applications shine worldwide; and BeFC is honored to say that he is the current Scientific Advisor of our team. BeFC is proud to count him among its co-founders, as Dr. Cosnier is the grandfather of our biofuel cells and laid the ground work for our researchers.

Strengthening BeFC's academic relationships at GFB - Groupe Français de Bioélectrochimie

Dr. Marius Cesbron’s presence to this series of conferences ensued multiple benefits for BeFC. Our laboratory manager was able to reinforce our strong bonds with the academic community, thanks to his deep knowledge in energy storage and electrocatalysis. The GFB event provided him with the opportunity to get in the inner circle of various stakeholders and maintain BeFC’s contributions to the latest research in bioelectrochemistry. Bioelectrochemistry is an interdisciplinary field where chemicals, physical, biology and medical science meets, and Marius makes sure that BeFC is up-to-date with the highest scientific quality standards and latest advances in each micro-field.

At BeFC, our scientific spirit extends far beyond the construction of organic batteries. We aim to train our team to maintain this mindset throughout our work and in all areas, whether it's product development, a customer meeting or a press release. Applying discovery, hypothesising from theories, and rigorous agile testing serves us well in understanding our actions accurately, knowing when to pivot and generate more results. Marius is particularly gifted in this area; he has a history of providing excellent analysis and recommendations. He is in charge of developing ink formulations and their electrochemical testing, and helps us design BeFC’s electrodes.

Contact us at to discuss how BeFC paper biofuel cells can provide a sustainable battery replacement for a range of low-power electronic applications.

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